What is NLP & Coaching?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is an offshoot of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy which was developed by Doctors Bandler and Grinder in the 1970s from their research into what really worked, and what were the more unnecessary elements, in ‘normal’ therapy approaches. NLP resulted – it’s solution focused, so generally instead of looking for the ‘WHY’ you aren’t getting what you want it life, it looks at ‘HOW’ can you make the changes you wish for.

Why choose NLP training?
If you’d like to get help yourself, or others, to make rapid, effective and lasting change without long term therapy sessions, or focusing on the past, then NLP is for you. Fortunately, in the hands of a skilled practitioner, you can gain rapid results with both simple issues such as phobias and confidence, as well as more complex ones.


Coaching is defined as working WITH a client in a very focused and practical way to help them design, and support them in achieving, specific goals in their lives. It’s underpinned by the very particular co-operative style of relationship that a coach has with their client.

This is very different from the more authoritarian style of lecturing or telling someone what to do, or the kind of therapeutic relationship where the therapist analyses and assesses what interventions to make.

Clients really enjoy the coaching approach to change as it empowers them and rapidly helps them to move into a new, more successful and happier future.

Phil has coached some of the worlds top athletes, explorers and creative performers. His book ‘The 10 Questions To Ask For Success’ is the handbook recommend by many of the world’s top coaches.